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Umbrella Fair at Hankyuu

Last day of the DiCesare Designs custom men’s umbrella fair at Hankyuu Men’s Tokyo!

ディチェザレ紳士傘のパターンオーダーが可能なレインフェア2014@阪急メンズ東京 本日最終日です☆どうぞお買い忘れありませんように♡

Margarita Umbrella in Elle Magazine

Elle Online did a nice article about the Margarita Double Dots Parasol. Online now!. Designer DiCesare consults with two customers about the pumpkin brella on the sales floor at the Matsuya 100 Umbrella Exhibition under the lovely umbrella installation.

今シーズンの新作”マルガリータ ダブルドット”(晴雨兼用日傘 遮光遮熱生地)も松屋銀座 百傘会でご覧になれます♡気分が前向きになるビタミンカラーとキュートなドット柄で雨と日差しを乗り切って!Elle Online

Pumpkinbrellas at the big show!

An article from Asahi Shimbun. Two customers holding pumpkin brellas on the sales floor at the Matsuya 100 Umbrella Exhibition! Such a lovely umbrella installation.

Beautiful Umbrella Installation

The 100 Umbrella Exhibiton at Matsuya Ginza! Wonderful summer sale and exhibition. Always a beautiful umbrella display. Look for the gorgeous umbrellas and parasols of DiCesare Designs at the show!

Ladies Pumpkin Brella in Domani Magazine

This month’s Domani Magazine features a selection of DiCesare Designs umbrellas! Items such as the: Rhythm 2tone Olive × Greyge / Rhythm UrbanCamo Jungle / Pumpkinbrella Super Mini Pink × Orange / Pumpkinbrella Walker White Dots on Black. A wonderful selection of apparel for every occasion.