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Ginza Story

Ginza Story has begun! This is a special event on only until the 14th in the central exhibition space of Matsuya Ginza.  The selection of Rhythm umbrellas at this show is quite extensive! The "Real Print" Rhythms made especially for Matsuya are something you've just got to see. Please come by to take a look at the items and for a chat if you are in Ginza!

Ginza Shobikai

Matsuya Ginza VIP customer sale today. We made these special "Real print" items using a special inkjet system to create a series of Rhythm umbrellas with photo-realistic images on them. Fur, lace and wool themes. The detail on the print is incredibly detailed. A very special limited edition series. Well worth taking a look at! Come by and take a look! We'll be on sale at Matsuya Ginza in the central area near the escalators. Same space as the 100 umbrella exhibition

Tomoe's New Parashell!

Well, my lecture at Gallery Wa2 was pretty good. I am thankful to all those who attended for their patience with my sometimes strange Japanese. It was great to have a chance to discuss the creative elements behind the designs. I even had a visit from a special customer. Shinohara Tomoe! She came in and picked up a Parashell Classico White. It suited her really well. She has a very unique character so this item is perfect for her.