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Parashell Parasol in Zexy Wedding Abroad Issue

The cover of this month's Zexy features Parashell Parasol in a wonderful photo shoot at Disney World. This magazine's is a special guide to planning your Wedding abroad. The Parashell Frill parasol in white goes so well with a white wedding gown. Perfect for your special wedding day!

Sakura Parasol - Somei Yoshino Blooms!

Spring has sprung and with it bloom the Sakura Blossoms. Once again, the Somei Yoshino Sakura Parasols come out too. This limited edition parasol was created in collaboration with the wonderful artist, Aya Kato. A wonderful artist who works with fairytales and traditional motifs, turning them into bold, psychedelic, contemporary art pieces in a style sometimes recalling Manga and Art Nouveau.