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Leopard Pumpkinbrella in SHISEIDO

Shiseido June 2014 Magazine Issue featuring a selection of rain goods including the Leopard Pumpkinbrella. Love the wild print on this brella!

Wedding Parasol in Zexy Magazine

Zexy Premier magazine’s Summer 2014 Issue featured the Sakura Parasol in “Magical Dress for Small Wedding”. This flower shaped parasol goes perfectly with a flowing wedding dress!

Spiral Umbrella in a Forest Wonderland

Gorgeous model Cana Fukumaki holding a Spiral 2tone Umbrella in a fantastical forest scene. This unique pinwheel shaped umbrella is also a great parasol providing high UV protection!

Cross Umbrella in Lettuce Club Magazine

The Pink & Orange Cross Umbrella was featured in an article in the June Issue of Lettuce Club magazine. The Cross umbrella has a unique shape that makes it stand out in a crowd. It's also wide enough to provide coverage on the rainiest of days for 2 people!