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Pumpkin Parasol and Parashell Parasols on the Marilyn Denis Show!

The Pumpkin Parasol and Parashell parasol made an appearance on the Marilyn Denis show! The show was about staying toxic free in the outdoors this summer. Donna Bishop enjoyed posing with the Pumpkin Parasol while Marilyn called it the "next big thing"!

The Rhythm Pumpkin Umbrella on the streets of Ginza.

I would like to thank all my customers for their patronage this year. It was a tough year in so many ways but I met so many nice people at all the events! I was lucky enough to see a customer of mine on the streets of Ginza this summer carrying the Rhythm 2 tone Pumpkinbrella in Lavender and Dark Purple. Stylish and cute to say the least!

Pumpkin Parasol at European F1 Grand Prix in Valencia!

My good friend Monica from Fans of Spain sent me this shot of a Pumpkin Parasol at this year's European F1 Grand Prix in Valencia! I'm an F1 fan of sorts so I was really happy to see it.  Fans of Spain makes the most beautiful handmade Spanish fans. Not only that but if you are in Spain and looking to buy a DiCesare Designs item, there is no better place to look than Fans of Spain. Mucho gracias Monica!