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Dreamy Designs

This design book was just recently released here in Japan. The title in Japanese is 夢みるデザインプロダクト. Which is kind of difficult to express in English. I guess it means "dreamy" designs or perhaps "surreal" designs. The Kabocha parasols that we made in collaboration with Cocca are included in this wonderful little book. It's on the bookshelves all across Japan now!

Rhythm in the Geodesic Dome

Tokyo Designers Week 2010 is here again! A typhoon rolled through and cancelled Saturday's festivities unfortunately. Yesterday was a really nice night though with Canada Night in the Geodesic Dome at Meiji Jingu. It was a lot of fun with an impressive projection in the dome about the Hayabusa Satellite! I love this photo because umbrellas structurally share so much in common with Geodesic Domes. The Pumpkin Umbrella hurtles through the cosmos with ease!