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Collboration Kabochas for EST NATION

For this collaboration we worked with Est Nation and Rita Takahashi. I just love these Pumpkin Parasols. The pattern of the fabric and the little frill around the edge are perfect for this form. They are only available at Est Nation and they won't last long. Look for them in the June issues of In Red and Oggi.

Cocca Collaboration '09

I'm happy to announce that for the second time we've teamed up with Cocca to make collaboration items. This season we've made a limited edition series of Rhythm Umbrellas and Kabocha Parasols. This series of Pumpkinbrellas comes with UV coating and waterproofing. With dual coating these models are great for any season.

Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi

This is my first time to have a show at Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi. It's a beautiful store in terms of architectural ornamentation. There is also a beautiful giant sculpture "Statue of a Celestial Nymph" in the Central Hall. That alone is a good enough reason to come to this location in the heart of Tokyo.

Hakata Show

I just got back from Hakata this weekend. I was there for a show at Daimaru Department Store. It's much more common to see a woman using a parasol here than in Kanto.

Destination Tokyo

At Shinjuku Station in Lumine Est on the B2 floor is Destination Tokyo. A stylish and eclectic fashion shop in the heart of one of Tokyo's busiest stations.