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Fujimaki Department Store

Did you check out Fujimaki Online Department Store yet? It features an interesting selection of items brought to you by the charismatic buyer, Yukio Fujimaki! We hope to see you there!

Red Pumpkinbrella on a Rainy night in Ginza.

Recently photographer Minaco Syarima, and musician Yuqi Kokufuda stepped out in Ginza on a very rainy night to do an impromptu photo shoot with a selection of Pumpkin brellas. I'm so thrilled with the results. Thank you so much Minaco and Yuqi. That was such a good collaboration! I hope we can do something like that again soon!.

Matsuya Ginza Summer Resort

Matsuya Ginza's Summer resort sale is on and the parasols are out in full force! This picture shows just a couple of our latest items for this year's summer season.

Parashell Victoria Parasol

This is a special parasol covered in a lovely French Lace called the Parashell Victoria. It's a very limited edition Parashell. One has a black base covered with  white lace. The other has a pale beige base covered with black lace. Lacy elegance in a Victorian Parashell style.