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VERY x Isetan x DiCesare Designs

Isetan Shinjuku just opened a new select shop on the 2nd floor called "Elegant Trad & Modern Feminine" We worked with Isetan and VERY to make the Black&White Rhythm "Pumpkin Umbrella". UV coated and waterproofed for use in any season as an umbrella or parasol. Simple and bold in black & white.

Vintage Wines.

I recently had the pleasure of attending a wine party with Abe san and some friends at Ristorante Della Collina in Ebisu. The food was great. The wine, excellent! I've been a wine-lover for a long time but I don't have that much experience attending wine parties. I'm glad I took pictures of some of the 10 bottles we drank that night because frankly, I enjoyed the wide selection a little too much.