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Shiseido the Ginza Parasol & Umbrella Display

All this month, if you drop by Shiseido the Ginza, you can see a special installation using a series of Parasols and Umbrellas on the main floor of the building. I love it when umbrellas are installed somewhere in this way. I was really glad to see this one. Especially at such a special shop like Shiseido the Ginza!

Pumpkin Umbrella Bouquet!

I would like to say thank you to all of the wonderful people I met at Matsuya Ginza for coming out this past month and picking up my items. Thank you also to those who just came by to chat for a while too! It was a long, wonderful show. This is how to properly display a bunch of Rhythm-Pumpkin Umbrellas. Here's a little slide show I made about the DiCesare Designs Pumpkin Umbrella set to a song I love by Chaka Khan.

Pumpkin Umbrellas at Matsuya Ginza 2011

Today was the first day of the the Matsuya 100 Umbrella Exhibition show. The weather was not so nice making it a good day to pick up a nice umbrella! Like the Kabocha Marina (Navy Dots & Stripes) or a Rhythm Cocca Palette. They both have UV and Waterproof coating making them great for a Rainy or Sunny day. Heck, these handmade Pumpkin Umbrellas are good ANY day!