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Estnation Trunk Show 2011

Estnation is without question the select shop of choice in Tokyo. I am once again excited to have my latest collection on sale with such a great select shop. This time we will be having a Trunk Show at two locations! The shows run from May 17th to May 29th at the Roppongi shop and from May 18th to May 29th at the Ginza Shop. Rainy season so now is the time to buy an umbrella!

Shiseido The Ginza

On May 14th Shiseido opened their new flagship Ginza store, SHISEIDO THE GINZA. To honour the grand opening of this incredible store, we produced a collaboration series of items which are available in the Beauty Marche on the 1st floor. Taking the concept of beauty to a new level in Ginza!

Rhythm Palette

I've always wanted to make a 10 colour Rhythm. Well, here it is! Yet another wonderful limited edition collaboration with Cocca! It's called the Rhythm Palette. It's waterproof and has a UV coating as well. A rainbow-colured pumpkin umbrella that is a show stopper!

It's available at Cocca's shop at their Rainy Day Fair from May 17th! You can get it soon through DiCesare Designs site and at the upcoming shows DiCesare Designs will be having this season. Truly an umbrella like no other.

The Vagrie Show

Vagrie is a gallery that specializes in a variety of select merchandise for customers seeking something special and original. A special selection of DiCesare Designs items are now on sale at this one of a kind Osaka Gallery.

Joyful Rain Fair

We made a special series of Limited Edition Men's GRANDE' umbrellas for Seibu/Sogo. They are really colorful and quite stylish! They are available at Ikebukuro Seibu, Shibuya Seibu, Chiba Sogo and Omiya Sogo in the Men's section! Look for the Joyful Rain display!

A Parasol for Mickey

Cocca has a shop in the newly opened Isetan Mitsukoshi at JR Osaka Station. We recently made a collaboration Kabocha Parasol especially for this shop using a limited edition series of Mickey mouse print fabrics. Wonderful items regardless of whether you're a fan of Mickey Mouse or not!