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The GRANDE Umbrella

I looked back and realized I've never written about the GRANDE before... I can't believe I overlooked the one item I use most often! The GRANDE has a unique profile when compared to other Men's umbrellas. This men's pumpkin umbrella has a sturdy oak shaft and has a flexible strong frame. It's wide enough two people and very well balanced. But the main thing about it is that it looks great. Particularly with a nice suit! Here's Jay busting a GRANDE, looking good on a rainy night not long ago.

Now on sale at Idee!

I'm happy to say that a selection of items including the Rhythm, GRANDE, Kabocha and Parashell are now on sale at Idee! These shops offers a unique Japanese take on their selection of design goods. If you are looking for something unique and modern to fit your lifestyle, then Idee is just the place for you. Even if you aren't in a shopping mood, some of their shops have nice cafe's to just chill out in. P.S. Happy Canada Day everyone!